Artikel Penelitian ini berasal dari Journal of Nutrition

1.Consumption of Cherries Lowers Plasma Urate in Healthy Women,

J. Nutr. June 2003 133: 1826-1829

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2.Effect of Oral Purines on Serum and Urinary Uric Acid of Normal, Hyperuricemic and Gouty Humans

J. Nutr. March 1976 106: 428-434

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Artikel penelitian ini berasal dari American Journal Clinical Nutrition

1.A case-control study of the association of diet and obesity with gout in Taiwan

Am J Clin Nutr October 2003 78: 690-701

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2.Effects of diet, physical activity and performance, and body weight on incident gout in ostensibly healthy, vigorously active men

Am J Clin Nutr May 2008 87: 1480-1487

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